Frequently Asked Questions




Is our communication Secure?

Yes and no. Although I take all steps possible to ensure privacy and safety, the only information we know to be 100% secure is our correspondence via encrypted email such as ProtonMail. Your information will not be stored or shared.

How will we Get in touch the day we meet?

Email is my standard form of communication before and after our date. We can use text messaging on the day of our date in order to communicate last minute details more efficiently. After our date, you may email any time to say hello or plan our next encounter!

How should I give you the donation?

Please put it in an unmarked envelope, or an envelope labeled as “Gift”. Excuse yourself to the bathroom within the first few minutes of our date and leave the envelope on the counter for me to retrieve later. If you are paying by any mode other than cash, please complete the transaction before the time of our date.

Can we negotiate the donation?

Unfortunately, no. My donations were carefully considered and reflect the caliber of experience you are booking. To ask for anything less implies that you do not understand my worth and I recommend searching elsewhere for companionship.

How can I pay you?

  • Donations are payable by Cash or Bitcoin only. Payment transactions via Bitcoin must be completed prior to our date.

  • Deposits are payable by Cash, Bitcoin, PayPal, Money Order, or eGift card (Preferably Amazon; click here to purchase)

Do you allow pictures or videos?

Absolutely not, nor will I send them to you before or after our date. Privacy is very important to me and I appreciate clients who value discretion as much as I do. I hide my face for discretion and so that we can be seen together in public without anyone questioning how we met.

Do you See “Newbies”?

Yes! I love helping people explore new things in life! Additionally, I can recommend other friends for you and provide references if you need them. Please fill out the employment section of the screening form and we can go on our first date as soon you are ready! Check back soon for my Newbie Guide!

Can I bring a friend?

Yes! If you have a special someone that you’d like to include in our date, I am happy to help you two spice things up! If you’d like to include a friend, but not sure who to invite, check out my Friends page! At this time, I will not entertain more than one gentleman during our date.

What do you expect from me?

I expect to interact with a gentlemen who is polite, respectful, and hygienic. Besides that, all I want is for you to be yourself, relax, and enjoy the moment.

Do you accept tips or gifts?

I would never expect this from you, but it is always a pleasure to accept a tip or gift from a friend! This implies that I have exceeded your expectations and that warms my heart! However, I can not accept a gift in place of a donation.